Scripture Distribution

Distribution of Scripture Materials – 2015
The prime vision for India Bible Literature from the day it was started in 1975 was to place a Bible in every home in India. We thank and praise God who was gracious on us to continue the vision till now and distribute 19,164,438 Scripture Materials during the year 2015. We praise God for the increase in the distribution of the Bibles from 253,161 during the year 2014 to 325,077 in 2015. We extol God for enabling us to distribute 79, 852 Scripture Materials per working day. Following is the details of the distribution:

S.No Description Distribution – 2015
1. Bibles      325,077
2. New Testaments        18,539
3. Gospels   2,405,460
4. Literacy Materials        68,306
5. Children’s Materials      607,971
6. Books and Booklets   9,898,619
7. Tracts   5,840,466
 Total 19,164,438

Our prayer is that all who receives and all who reads the materials might become men who are like the True God.