Life Stories

Mrs. Vanitha * (40 years) is from Buggalapalli, Andhra Pradesh. She belongs to the Lambada community. She started attending the AL night classes in her village. She was addicted to tobacco. Hence she became sick very often.

One night during health and hygiene class, the animator shared about the dangers of having tobacco and alcohol. She talked on how the life span of the people will be reduced and how the internal organs will be damaged. The awareness of the dangers of tobacco opened the eyes of Vanitha and she has stopped taking tobacco.

Mrs. Budhma * (51 years) belongs to the SC and ST community. She never went to a school. But at the age of 51 she thought never to miss the chance of education when Literacy India Trust started night classes in her own village. She worked as a labourer in the morning and was a student in the night.

Equipping herself with education she was employed in 100 days through the National Employment Scheme. She has started her own business and has improved the standard of living. She is now living happily with her four children sending them to the nearest school without fail.

Mr. Bharat * (35 years) is from Kamta village, Nabarangpur, Odisha. He was born in a poor family and so he did not have the opportunity to learn. When he grew up, he was addicted to alcohol. This made his life difficult and he was unable to make both the ends meet.

One day Bharat’s friend took him to the A.L. class. He found it interesting to see people learning new songs, writing new letters and even their own names. So Bharat enrolled himself to the class and he attended it regularly. But this stage did not continue as Bharat was asked to discontinue as he came to the class drinking alcohol. Bharat’s friend asked him to attend the class again promising the teacher that he will come to the class without consuming alcohol. Bharat kept his promise. Slowly he started to forget alcohol and now he has stopped taking it.

A simple discipline has changed the entire course of his life. Bharat is now happy as he is able to read and write.