Adult Literacy Programme

The usefulness of distributing Bibles is limited if people can’t read. In order to facilitate every illiterate attending the church to read the Bible and grow in God, Literacy India Trust was started in the year 1984 by Late Dr. Mrs. Joyce Scott with 150 students in 5 centers. The students were from 18 to 85 years and even more… They have 2 hour class for 5 days in a week and it is for 10 months. They learn the three Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) through Adult Literacy Primers which was designed by Dr. Mrs. Scott in partnership with Literacy Evangelism International. The Primers were first published in Telugu and is now adapted for 15 more regional languages. The success rate of the programme is phenomenal. Over 88% of those enrolling in the Literacy classes complete the 10-month programme. The programme multiplies itself as 30% of graduates are formally involved in the ‘Each One Teach One’ programme. Each person becoming literate in India will help up to 5 others to become literate, perpetuating education. Literacy Programmes are carried under three heads:

• Unreached People Groups
• Women Groups
• Village Literacy Rehabilitation Projects

Unreached People Groups

tech3^D010F1127530068862E8605982BA480A4CA83C39338D980CB4^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrLiteracy India Trust will be reaching the following Unreached People Groups through the newly started projects: Pattapu, Pallekaru, Koya Kammari, Weavers, Pamula Adivasi, Kalal, Kurru Yerukula, Siddhis, Kandha, Kui, Puraja, Saoras, Korku & Gondi, Baiga, Devarkallar, Adivasi Yenadis, Nayakapodu, Parikala, S.C. Cuddapah, Upparlu S .C., Medara, Paradani & Kolami, Koyas, Kotha Koyas, Khurabha Madiga, Mangali, Oran, Munda & Kissan, Bhoi, Katkari / Kathodi, Udgir, Halba and Basor.

Mr. G. (32 years) is an agricultural labourer belonging to the Vanniar Unreached People Group from Salem, Tamil Nadu. His father passed away when he was five years old. Because of the financial constraint, he was unable to go to school rather went to clean farm yard when he was 12. He was depressed when he saw children going to school and college as he was not given this wonderful opportunity. But L.I.T. gave him joy as he started attending the night classes. He along with his younger brother and mother has joined the class.



Women Groups

Literacy India Trust gives importance for the education of tribal and unreached women groups. When a woman is educated the whole family is educated. During the year 2016 – 2017 L.I.T. will reach Jathuva, Kaanikarar, Mathamma, S.C., Pallar and Parayar women from Tamil Nadu, Mathamma and Kondangi women in Andhra Pradesh, Ho women in Odisha and Pardhi Adivasi women in Maharashtra.

Village Literacy Rehabilitation Project

Village Literacy Rehabilitation Projects (VLRP) is a 2 year project meant to change and develop the whole community while regular literacy work concentrates on 30 illiterates and his family. For VLRP a village with approximately 250 homes and 1500 illiterates are identified. The neo-learners are taught few trades through Income Generation Programme so that they could earn their own living and become financially independent without borrowing. As they start saving for 10 months continually, L.I.T. gives them the same amount to encourage them by “Matching Grant”. Hence the family, families and the village is totally transformed by the end of 2 years. We are presently concentrating among the following tribal groups: Reddiyar, Naicker, Uppiliar, Kapu Scheduled, Lakra & Gudia and Panika Group.


Mrs. B is from the D village in West Bengal. Her husband was a labourer and earns Rs 100/- per day. B was unable to run the family with the meagre amount. She started attending the literacy classes held in her village during the night. By the end of 10 months, she was able to read, write and do a little math. She also learnt making detergents through Income Generation Programme. She started to save every month. With the help of Matching Grant, given by L.I.T. she started detergent business along with her husband. She now earns some money for her living and saves a little for the future.